Thursday, 27 December 2012

Is Foreign Policy Hypocritical?

After juxtaposing recent personal events with recent public events, I have come to the conclusion that foreign policy or more specifically, public diplomacy, is hypocrisy. In comparison to the highly publicised shooting of the young Pakistani girl Malala Yousaf-zai by the Taliban, it can be said that unless you have money in the bank, have celebrity status or the whole world backing you, you will be treated like complete and utter rubbish!

The US and the UK governments were, in a way, competing to attract the young girl to their respective countries for treatment and of course, the UK won this so-called 'battle'. BUT being thrust in the limelight for taking in a girl who is suffering is to be expected but that does not mean that you forget about citizens of the UK.

Reading up about the Liverpool Care Pathway has brought me to realise that not only does the UK government not care about the citizens who have paid their way through their lives but they are also trying to get rid of them in the most derogatory, undignified way to every grace British medicine.

So, how is the LCP related to what I call the hypocrisy of British foreign policy you ask?

Well lets just say that the NHS has been portrayed to the rest of the world as THE best institution that has graced the medical world in order to attract other governments and citizens of other countries but the truth is that it is corrupt deep down. I thought hospitals were supposed to take care of you and help you get back on to your feet. But over the past 2 months I have come to realise that not only do the NHS want to hold back treatment but they do whatever they can to deprive you of food and water and all they really care about is the financial inducements they receive from the British government.

So now how much do you love the NHS? Do you agree about the Liverpool Care Pathway? And of course, do you think British foreign policy is as hypocritical I've come to believe?

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